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The Layers of Skin Rejuvenation for Optimal Results

"It seems that the number one priority for a lot of clients isninstant gratification. Unfortunately, this is not typically realistic.
At our skin care center we offer the most effective products and treatment methods, and educate our clients in order to set realistic expectations. While instantaneous outcomes are typically not possible, combining multiple treatment approaches is an excellent way to enhance and accelerate results. Using two or more procedures during one protocol is a more advanced method of treatment.
Clients consistently turn to their physicians and aesthetic professionals for the most effective products and treatments. We want our clients to understand all of the options available. Although individual treatments work well, it is often a combination of procedures and products that lead to the most dramatic client outcome. Each treatment offers unique benefits, and when used in conjunction, they are capable of producing amazing results more rapidly than when used on their own.  Similar to the way a good skin care product is a cocktail of key ingredients that work in harmony toward a common goal, often the most effective results of skin rejuvenation are achieved by using multiple technologies offered in a layered approach.

Layering technology is simple concept that involves the use of multiple technologies within one service to achieve a client's objective as specifically as possible. The technology available to be layered includes

Chemical peels to reduce the appearance of skin wrinkling and discolorations. Chemical peels range in depth from superficial to deep. Superficial chemical peels include:

  • Alpha hydroxy  acids ( AHA) such as lactic and glycolic acid
  • Beta hydroxy acids (BHA) such as salicylic acid
  • TCA acids in percentages below 30
  • Blended chemical peels such as Jessner's. Blended peels are particularly beneficial, as multiple ingredients are able to target several skin concerns simultaneously.

Microcurrent for contouring, lifting and product penetration

Microdermabrasion  offers mechanical exfoliation. This type of treatment physically removes skin cells. The vacuum suction delivered by the microdermabrasion increases blood flow which is very beneficial for many clients, especially including those with sallow complexion and smokers. The superficial exfoliation provided by a microdermabrsion procedure will increase the benefits of any product applied post-treatment. Low percentage superficial peels may also be applied post-microdermabrasion for even greater penetration and benefits.

Ultrasonic/ultrasound for exfoliation and skin penetration. Ultrasound waves are used to force topical corrective products into tissue. This is important in wound healing and in the treatment of visible aging.

LED for firming and tightening. LED lights are used to trigger change in the skin and is enhanced with the use of topical skin care products. LED  lights have positive effects on acne, visible aging and wound healing and can be combined with virtually any topical products and treatments.

Oxygen infusion for plumping, improved skin texture and color.

Because each client's objective is different, the solution that is created is unique in order to meet the goal. This means that every layered service is customized for a client's specific concern. Every layered facial is a one-of-a-kind signature service. Most noninvasive age-defying technologies work at a cellular level, assisting the body to increase the regulation of its natural processes. The best and longest-term results will be achieved when the procedure is performed in series and followed by maintenance."

David Suzuki - SkinInc magazine  June 2010