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4 Ways to Get Fabulous Eyebrows


"4 Ways to Get Fabulous Eyebrows:
While eyebrow trends vary over time, from bushy and free to strong and neat, like singer Fergie’s, age-related drooping is never in fashion. When the brow starts to descend, it can cause a hooded look with lids that lose definition. You can blame it on age and loss of collagen. And you can also do something about it. Here are four approaches:

1. First, get your eyebrow arch professionally cleaned up once a month. Choose the arch shape that you like, but keep it natural. A too-thin brow will make you look older. Use a brow powder to accentuate the shape and use a highlighter in the center of the brow bone to make eyes look brighter and bigger.

2. Consider reshaping drooping brows with Botox injections. When injected above the brow, it will help to lift the brow into a more youthful-looking position by immobilizing the muscles.

3. Fillers, such as Juvéderm and Radiesse, can be injected and instantly lift the end of a brow that’s begun to sink over time.

4. If you need a dramatic lift, browlift surgery is a permanent fix that’s done endoscopically, which makes it a minimally invasive procedure. During a browlift, the muscles are repositioned to lift the brow into a more natural position. Plus, any sagging excess skin can be removed as well."

Posted  by Shellie Terry Benson, Editor - NEWBEAUTY® magazine